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Local Spotlight: Painted by Brit

Introducing the new segment to hit Southern Belle Views….local spotlight!


Local spotlight will showcase talented women who has chosen a path within the beauty/fashion/lifestyle community in my local town. It’s a chance to discover up and coming talent that you may have not heard about it.



The first young woman that will be featured on local spotlight is Britni Speights.


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Britni is a close friend of mine and a new upcoming freelance MUA in Birmingham, AL. With just kicking off her freelance business, Britni has been booked for several gigs for photo-shoots and will be hosting her first (that is sold out I might add) makeup master class for beginners.

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FullSizeRender copy.jpgUnder the hashtags of #paintedbybrit, Britni has done numerous looks from your everyday glam to your bold beat looks that you can see your favorite celebrity wear. Britni believes in utilizing not just the top brands of makeup but also learning and teaching first time users that drugstore makeup can help you achieve the same look.


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So I sat down with Britni just to get an inside scoop of how she started her brand makeupbrshawn and her favorite tips and tricks on makeup.


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SouthernBelleViews: What inspired you to start as a freelance MUA?

Britni: My cousin Jalisia is who inspired me to become a free lance makeup artist. I was doing my makeup at her place one day as she watched. She would always talk about how much she liked my makeup and asked me to do her makeup right after I finished mines.  Long story short, she loved her makeup! She posted her pictures of my work onto all of her social media accounts and BAM! She told me I was too good to not be a makeup artist. She told me she was going to force me to become a free lance makeup artist. After she posted it on social media, everybody started inboxing me about appointments! I became a free lance makeup artist that very next day! Lol! It literally happened overnight! The best thing that could’ve ever happened. I love what I do!


Southern Belle Views: If you had to choose one makeup brand you can do your makeup from for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Britni: If I had to choose one makeup brand, it would be Maybelline! I’ve tried almost ALL of their products and there hasn’t been a product from them that I haven’t liked



Southern Belle Views: What tips and tricks would you offer someone starting off in makeup?

Britni: I would tell anyone starting off in makeup to start off with drug store products! Makeup can be very expensive. If you start off with high end products, you will be completely broke! Lol. I’d also tell them that all high end makeup brands aren’t good and all drug store makeup brands aren’t bad. Just because you paid a lot for foundation doesn’t mean it’s gonna be the best for you. I literally use a $5 foundation and it’s my favorite! I have a $50 foundation that I absolutely hate!


Southern Belle Views: All time favorite lipstick shade?

Britni: My favorite lipstick shade is definitely Colourpop’s Matte lip gloss in the color AVENUE.


Southern Belle Views: Color or Neutral Girl?

Britni: I started off as a neutral girl, but I’m all about color now!


Southern Belle Views: What do you feel like is your biggest accomplishment?

Britni: My biggest accomplishment would be hosting my first beginner makeup class! It hasn’t taken place yet, but I’ve had several girls to purchase tickets already! It feels good just to know that they trust me to teach them.


Southern Belle Views: If you had to choose a makeup bestie from anyone who would you choose and why?

Britni: If I had to choose a makeup bestie, it’ll be Karla Tobie aka Princess Bellaaa. She’s so humble and down to earth. She interacts with all of her followers and she doesn’t hold back on tips and tricks when it comes to makeup.



Thank you Britni for letting me interview and you all go check out her makeup page on Instagram: @_makeupbyshawn_ and make you an appointment!


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