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Shopping on a Budget!

Welcome back ya’ll!

So you can tell that you’re in for a treat judging by the title right? Well today, I’m giving you my tips on how to shop without breaking the bank.


Ladies and gentlemen, everyone wants to look their best at all times. Whether you’re trying to secure that bag or grab that attention of that cute guy you always run into at Starbucks. Trust me: you don’t have to go to the most expensive store to get brand name labels to look your best. Although I love a brand name outfit, once I got into college, I figured out that it didn’t fit into my budget. I experimented with a couple of things that would later help me come up with unique looks or just something I envisioned. So here are some tips to help you optimize your money while looking amazing with the outcome:


Thrift Stores/Consignment Stores

I can honestly say, I thought of wearing people hand me downs of being repulsive (I’m the baby and all my sisters were older so I never had the pleasure of taking my sister’s hand me downs! Thank you Lord).When my very close friend introduced me to the idea of thrifting, I almost wanted to cuss her out. (No lie true story) Well that was until she took me to the thrift stores in New Orleans and I fell in love with the idea. Most thrift/consignment stores have sales even with their already marked off items. Certain colored ticketed items can be up 50% marked price! (Steal!) You would not believe some great things people donate back to thrift stores or sell to get off their hands. The brand name items you can’t let go of? You can probably find it at a thrift store!


Ross/Marshall/Burlington/TJMaxx/DD’s/Dirt Cheap

Don’t judge me! All the new trendy pieces that can cost up for $40 at Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe can cost less at the stores mention above. The downfall you deal with is sometimes their sizing is irregularly so make sure you try on each piece. Most clothes that are sent to these stores were either defective or the manufacture made extra and decided to sell them to for example Ross, to get rid of the rest of the shipment. Tip of the Day: I’m not sure about this with all stores but I know about Ross and its guaranteed to work every time. Say it’s an item that you really like and its defective such as a rip, button popped off, spot of something or even a missing belt, you can get at least 10% off (Note: Please do not go to Ross and go rip of their clothing to get 10% off).


Sales and Coupons

If I hear a sale…..I’m there. Sales in various departments help you out tremendously. Promo items are a steal if they fit your style. To look for coupons, an easy app would be Retail Me Not. If you have the push application set on the app, every time you are near a store that reports to Retail Me Not, it sends a notification letting you know that there is a coupon for that store.


Shop Off Season & Clearance

I know you want more cute clothes for the summer right now but to get a better discount, try shopping for summer clothes either in the fall or winter season. Many stores have to get rid of their summer stock so they give major discounts to their products to get the products off the shelves. Last year in December, I found a few cute sundresses for $1.99 each. If I wanted to get those same dresses when it was still summer time, I would have paid at least $20 for one dress. See the difference?


With all these tips listed above, you are sure to find some items to come up with a great outfit in the end!


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