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Affirmations & How They Can Change Your Life

And we’re back…….

Sorry I took such a long hiatus 😦

Life happens but Southern Belle Views is back with a new look and new material!

Now I can admit, I thought affirmation was a bunch of bull before this year. I’m wasting paper to write all this for what? Will it really change my life or would it stay the same and all that work done for nothing.


Like I said until this year.

Well to my readers, you’re probably like what made me change or what the heck is an affirmation and how does it work.


Well affirmations are methods of self improvement. It’s supposed to help release endorphins (feel good hormone) into our system to form positive thought and make you an over all positive person.


If you’re an avid watcher of “Being Mary Jane”, Mary Jane is the affirmation Queen.



Well even watching Mary Jane stare at her affirmation every day at her sink still didn’t have my convinced.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Tracy G. podcast “She’s A Beauty and A Beast”. If you don’t know who Tracy G is, I’ll drop some knowledge for you. Tracy G is a radio personality and using her talents to be on the air for SirusXM’s Sway In The Morning show on Shade45. Before even blessing our radio waves, Tracy worked as a full time editor at VIBE writing for magazine such as Rolling Stone, Essence and Complex.




So on her podcast, she made a moment of realness basically asking every one what’s their word for 2017.

Usually I don’t do the tweet sessions but this time I joined in. I thought of the hell that popped off in 2016 so my word was focus.

Tracy (who I admire so much) retweeted me and then DM me asking for my address because she wanted to send me something.

A few days later, I open the mail and see a letter from Tracy that was an affirmation to remain focus this year.

After reading this affirmation, I cried. How could someone who just from one word I gave them give me something that felt soul filling.

Now I am just beginner at the affirmation business but I’m learning as I go.

Now if you’re into affirmation and have any favorites you want to share: don’t hesitate to tweet me at @gabrielle__ke!




Until next post!


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