The Time I Didn’t Listen To God


Ya’ll I know (shrugs) I just said I was going to post more and went a straight week without posting. I was trying to make up content as I go and I see that’s totally not gonna work so expect some new stuff on the way.

Anyway back to the post 🙂


After this phase in my life, I realized at the moment God does devastating things in your life to break you and bring you back to Him.
Well this story is about, the time I didn’t listen to God when he told me to move.


Well I started working at Children’s Hospital in 2014 and it was a great job for a full time college student. Full time hours on grave yard shift, benefits, above minimum wage, no supervisor, I would be able to complete internships during the day and be able to complete my homework without being disturbed. I’ve seen so many friends of mine and coworkers leave and get fired and I was still there two years later.


So many times (which I know it was God’s way of telling me to go) I wanted to leave but I kept procrastinating. I kept telling myself, ‘you’ll look for a new job right before graduation in your field and you can keep supporting yourself’. There were so many signs I needed to leave but I kept ignoring them. Drama filled co workers ever turn, managers not giving a crap what you did, the department could never keep anyone longer that 6 months and my talents were not being appreciated.

I was tired but I was sticking it out because graduation is only 2 months away which turned into I’ll find a job after graduation. No big rush. See how I was letting the Devil influence me into not looking for a new job after I claimed I was going to have a new job before graduation.


Well I figured God placed me in a situation that made me leave my job. Yes, I was without a job October 2016 and no other income other that my sister working and my internship which was only minimum wage and only 18 hours a week. The day I left I thought I would cry because I lost my only source of income but I felt a sense of relief. Relief? Ke you got bills, you got graduation stuff to pay for and we know you’re extra and want to go all out. Well needless to say all my extra-ness was cancelled and I was on a job hunt hard.


Afterward, I can’t lie and say I wasn’t mad at God. The week after, I was heated. Why would God punish me by forcing this on me. Many people can’t find a job within a few months and how was I going to pay my bills or even pay for my cap and gown. I remember looking at social media and one post stood out to me. It said God will never let you go without and He is your source. I realized I got comfortable at my job. I wasn’t being challenged anymore, I wasn’t cultivating my talents for what I want to do. I would literally complain about going in because all my friends could go out and I had to sit behind a desk every night. God answered my complaints whether I liked it or not and gave me the reminder of what I wanted to do…find a new job before graduation.


My internship was Monday, Wednesday ad Friday…..I was on two or three interviews on Tuesday and Thursday.


I was not playing because I hated being a burden on my sister to pay my bills. Well I can tell you that God didn’t let my bills get behind or left me and my sister hungry and I can’t stop praising him for that alone.



Well about a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Marriott in Birmingham, AL to schedule an interview. First, I don’t remember filling on the application (To be honest I was filling out 15 applications a day). Second, I was hoping to jump straight on the road of being a Publicist (another lesson I was sure to learn) and third, I was unsure.


I went on the interview and met with the Operation Manger and the Assistant Manger. They made working at Marriott sound like heaven when I just came out of the pits of Hell. They were living proof of how fast you can advance through Marriott and if I worked hard I could do just about anything within in the company. So, it’s a two part interview process. I didn’t hear back from the managers for a week so I sent an email (ya’ll at this point I’m desperate and was just about to fill out the application at Burger King) so I got the second interview.


Throughout this whole process, I was very vocal about what my goals were. I was not about to lie to people and say yes I want to work at your company as a sales rep for the rest of my life when I know one day I want to be a Fashion/Beauty/Entertainment Publicist/Communication Specialist. So the operation manager asked me a valuable question that I know had to be the Lord guiding what I said. He asked me ‘Say if that public relations office you applied to call you three weeks later after you start working here what’s to say you won’t leave’. I couldn’t tell him a lie so I took a few minutes and told him it was about loyalty to me. Who’s to say that’s going to be the right fit for me. He told me ok and to have a seat outside.


To be honest, I thought when he called back in the office he was going to tell me my answer was wrong and I’m not a great fit for them. Instead, he offered me the position and welcome me aboard.
My first day is December 11, literally 6 days before graduation. This whole story I’m telling you is to point this out…listen to God. If I had listen to God when he told me beforehand to look for another job while I had a job, I wouldn’t have been running around last minute trying to find one. God has a way of grabbing your attention when you are a true believer to make you listen. This was just one of the many ways he know to make me listen to Him.




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