New Year Goals!


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I know I haven’t been uploading as much…A Lot of stuff has happened but I’m back now and will be on a constant basis.

2016 has now flown by and 2017 is finally here. After all the lessons, heartbreak and even mistakes that has been made, I know I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for my blog, friendships and everything else in my life.

Well like everyone else I have new years resolutions…..well not resolutions per say but they are goals that I will like to accomplish this year and I’ve been drafted these since June. (I’m a planner so sue me!)

So listed below are my goals for 2017:


  1. Better Relationship with God

I can honestly say in 2016, I’ve been trying to get my relationship    with God more solidified. In 2017, God and I are going to be married. (I’m not lying). I want to be more Christ like and become more of a godly woman than ever before. Not just because I want a blessing but knowing that God has helped me through all the hell that went on in my life in 2016 and I know that without Him 2017 wouldn’t even be here for me.


  1. Better Me

I’m working on me entirely. In 2016, I let my emotions get the best of me. I was angry at the world and couldn’t even explain why. I would pull myself from friend and family and wouldn’t know how to deal with it. I want to be able to not lash out and be able to thoroughly tell someone how I feel without being passive-aggressive.


  1. Find a Job In my Field

While I’m ever so grateful, God blessed me with a new job before I graduated, I want to get in my field of studies. No shade but I didn’t spend 4 years and get in debt for 1 year in half to be working at the Courtyard as a Guest Service Rep for the rest of my life. After working there for a a few weeks, I’m itching to get something that close to my field (Public Relations & Marketing) as I can get without moving right now.


  1. Saving Money

Goes right along with getting a new job, I had to save money for my move. Yes I’m planning on moving out of Birmingham in October of 2018 to Texas. I have to start saving money and be able to learn how to be frugal before I end up losing money even with my move.


  1. Blog Goals

Seeing as I have only had my blog for 3 months, I think I’m doing pretty good (if you exclude the month of December lol) I have thought of a uploading schedule of uploading 3 days of the week so a lot of new content coming your way next week. I want to update my blog as well. Don’t get me wrong I love the look but I want to give you guys better looking and user friendly material.


  1. Working out

Self explanatory. I did great in 2015 lost a lot of weight but now I want to tone up and get that body I always wanted.


So I have a lot of more goals in mind but these are the big ones that I thought I would share. Comment down below and tell me what are your big goals/resolution for 2017.


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