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Black Girl Magic

So for many of you that don’t know…I specialize in the field of Public Relations.When researching, I wanted to find strong black woman who were making major moves in the PR field. So for inspiration, I turned to social media to gain insight of African American women and learn tips from them. After following as many African American Women that specialize in Public Relations on Instagram, I came across my next girl boss to feature for Black Girl Magic.



IMG_5404.jpgFor those who don’t follow her, my Black Girl Magic candidate is Brittney Carter. Brittney Carter (@carterlove) is the CEO of B.Carter Solution and a Fashionista in her own right.

Brittney graduated from Clafin University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication minoring in Public Relations.

After being laid off from her government job, Brittney trusted on the Lord and went straight into building  her company, B.Carter Solution, full time.

B.Carter Solution’s goals are to produce solutions for clients through event planning, marketing and social media management. Alongside those services, Brittney offers resume writing and professional development for her clients.

For her hard work and dedication to her brand and her clients, Brittney was named one of the top 30 under 30 young entrepreneurs by HBCU Buzz.

I chose Brittney to be our Black Girl Magic candidate because of her commitment to see her vision through and was inspired me to go and become a publicist myself. Once she started her business, she never looked back and hustle to make her dreams a reality.



Black Girl Magic is written all over Brittney as she manages her career and still be a full time supporter for her fiancé and his acting career.



While handling a full plate, Brittney manages to do slay our lives with her blog #Obsess for Less concept she created on her Instagram


I was able to get an interview from Brittney (which I’m so grateful) and asked her a few questions that might help many of young ladies out there that wants to get into PR and some inspiration along the way.



Q: What made you want to become a PR specialist?

Brittney: I always had a passion for helping people build their image to enhance their self-esteem because that was something I struggled with. In college, my first client wanted me to manage him and I did, and haven’t looked back ever since.

Q: What influenced your decision on stepping out and becoming an entrepreneur?

 Brittney: I didn’t really have a choice being that I was laid off from my Government job, I had all the resources I needed, so I trusted God and took that big jump.

 Q: What are some tips and advice you would offer young women that want to get into media and entertainment PR?

 Brittney: Utilize all the available resources around you. Attend many workshops, seminars, conferences and webinars as you can. Surround yourselves around other positive women who are in the field in which you desire to be, and most importantly – keep the faith in everything that you do.

Q: What are some lessons you learned along the way that you would like to relay to young women?

 Brittney: Use discernment when sharing your dreams and visions because everyone won’t be happy for you. Always be prepared to grow and don’t be afraid of criticism.

 Q: For the woman who lives in a city that doesn’t offer many PR opportunities, how can she gain that experience needed for an entry level PR position?

Brittney: Sign up for internships in a city that does offer PR, take advantage of webinars on PR knowledge because these are all virtually based.

To keep up with Brittney and her business: follow her @carterlove on Instagram and snapchat!

Until next time loves!


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