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This month Black Girl Magic segment is taking a local spin to showcase the greatness that we have here right in Birmingham, AL.

This month we are featuring none other than Krystal Turner a.k.a KryssCole


I had the pleasure of meeting Krystal through her time at UAB and she’s just a joy to be around. She has a great personality and is a selfless person. Krystal is the ultimate go getter and a true definition of a GirlBoss. She was born in Houston, TX (#TexasBama) but was raised in Madison, Alabama. She moved to Birmingham, AL to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham (GO BLAZERS!). Originally, Krystal majored in Healthcare Management but switch her major to Marketing after realizing the hospital life was not for her.

She graduated from UAB in April 2016 with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing.


Why I chose her as our Black Girl Magic because of her strength. She defined the odds even after being faced with not having a full time employment in her field. She worked hard which earned her a spot as a radio personality with 95.7 jamz part time to now having a full time position on a Top 40 pop station as a radio personality.

Even with her new full time position, she still has time to host and plan events and she even blogs.  Don’t forget to check her out on 

Having to deal with doubting her ownself at times, she never stopped and that’s what Black Girl Magic is all about: pushing through to follow your dreams even when everything the odds are against you.

So I was about to ask Krystal a few question because I know some of you young ladies out there want to get into the media/entertainment industry and don’t believe in yourself. Read our interview and learn how you can push through just like our girl Kryss Cole.



Q: What inspired you to become a radio personality?

KryssCole: I actually had no idea I would eventually be a radio personality, I was a very “in the background” person. I started off as a Marketing intern at 98.7 KISS FM, but I was always in the 95.7 JAMZ FM studio in the afternoons. I would come in the studio and just talk about my life, boys, school, and other shenanigans I was getting into, and one day, the Program Director was like, “You’re hilarious, we need to get you on the air!”

I freaked out because at the time I had ZERO experience in radio! I had no idea what to talk about, how to understand all the computer systems, what it meant to be a “personality,” or anything else for that matter!

By the grace of God, I had a natural talent for learning quickly and a personality that I could convey over the airways. After months of being on the air Midnight-3am (unpaid), a spot opened up on the weekend for me! Soon after, I had two days on the air, and now I work full time in a field that I had no idea I would be in!

 To answer the question, along the way I picked up so many awesome female role models in the industry, but my TRUE inspiration is just being on this path that God made for me, and never questioning what happens along the way!


Q: What is some advice to give you young ladies that are trying to get into radio/tv?


My advice is to never stop. If this is your dream, never give up on it.

Also, find a mentor. Learn everything you can. Do the work – FOR FREE! I think a lot of times we get caught up in making money. I’ve seen a lot of people not make it because they didn’t receive instant gratification, so they quit.

 What’s for YOU is for YOU, so please don’t stop, even if no one is noticing your hard work in the beginning.  My favorite thing to do is uplift other young women! I’m in a position where people listen to what it is I have to say, so my mission in life is to make sure that my message is always a positive one.   

Q: What are some challenges that you faced while breaking out into radio?  

Kryss Cole: Honestly, I faced was hearing, “Get a real job.”

After graduating earlier this year in April, I fell into post-grad depression (yes, it’s a real thing) really bad. I had days where I would just cry because I didn’t know what my next step in life would be. At the time, I was working at the Hip Hop station super part time -I’m talking about only 7 hours a week- and I was working another part time job as well. I quit the other part time job because I found myself literally hating every minute I spent there.

So here I am, making almost no money, with no “real job,” and no real plan. My parents called me every week to ask how the job hunt is going, so I started applying to positions that I figured I could drag myself to until my media career took off. EVERY SINGLE ONE fell through. I struggled tremendously with feeling like I wasn’t doing enough and I was wasting my time trying to make this radio thing happen. With all this happening, something in me wouldn’t give up.

Most times, it was with the comfort of prayer and friends and family along the way motivating me that got me through.

With all the extra time I had on my hands, I started a blog, plan more events, and fill in extra shifts on air. I learned how to do traffic and news, so that anytime they needed someone; I was the go-to girl! A few months later, a full time position opened up on a Top 40 Pop station, and my company approached me about taking the position! I never thought that at 23 years old, I would have my own show 6 days a week!

 The pressure to be normal and enter corporate America can be so difficult to face. I almost gave up honestly, but I’m so thankful that I stayed true to who I was. Now, I have the opportunity to tell other young queens and kings that dreams do come true!



So don’t forget to check out Kryss on her new slot on the Top 40 Pop Station on 97.3 Play Monday-Sat from 10am-2pm.

Also to keep up with all the amazing events Krystal plan and host follow her IG @ krysscole!






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