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Classic Weekend

If you live or go to school in Alabama and you’ve never heard of Classic…….I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under but I going to help you out with this post.
To sum it up: Classic Weekend is the Weekend in Birmingham. Point.Blank.Period. It’s bigger than any homecoming (well not Howard’s but you get the gist)

Football, Tailgating, No Phone Service, Bands, Multiple Parties is just what Classic is.

Alabama A&M and Alabama State University plays into the rival hood for months leading up the game. Everyone comes out: students, alumni, people who probably has never step foot on to either college’s doorstep or a college in that matter to see these two teams battle it out not just on the field but who’s the best band in the land.


What’s at stake…..bragging rights for the whole year until the next Classic comes along. Classic Weekend is always the last week in October (just around Halloween so it’s parties galore)


The game is held at the Historic Legion Field located in Birmingham, Alabama for 75 years now. The whole city is shut down on Saturday so everyone can partake of this celebration.


The biggest part is the parties. Yeah of course, Birmingham has parties but Classic brings around more students, more parties and basically more trouble to get into (and boy do I mean trouble).


This year’s Classic has got to be the hottest Classic around and I mean by temperature. Alabama normal has cool weather around this time but this year was quite different seeing as we had 80 degree weather. (Trying to tailgate in 80 degree weather is not the top thing on my list)


The most fun about Classic is the people you network and you get to meet. Really it’s some cool individuals you normally wouldn’t meet.


Well this year, my girls and I took a new approach to Classic. Stay away from all popular parties. Yeah I know I just told you, Classic produces so many parties so why wouldn’t we go to the best one. One reason: trouble. Naw I’m just kidding, the real reason is the “popular” parties get overcrowded and they began to up the price and we didn’t want those problems.

We ended up at a bar called Rare Martinis and party jumped to the Upper Deck Karoke and both was packed (and cheap I might add).

Down Below is just a few of our outfits over the course of the weekend.







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