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Halloween Recap

Halloween is around the corner and everyone is looking for costumes to look either stylish, scary or sexy (especially young adults)

This year since my boot camp put on a costume party early, I got to start my costume shopping earlier than expected.

The first and only place I went to was Party City. Yes, the party City. Many people do not realize but between in store and online, party city has a great range of selections for young adults in the store. You can be anyone from a nurse, cop, maid to even Batgirl and Morticia Adams.

Since this was the first year I have put on a costume for Halloween, I didn’t know know exactly what I wanted to be other than something cute and sexy since it was a prize for best costume. So I went as a bunny rabbit.


I tried on so many costumes until my head spin. Party City does let you try on their costumes to make sure that it fits to your liking.

This Halloween season lasted for over 4 days (I remember it just being one night but who’s counting). They really stepped up the game with costume makeup and props from when I was younger.

My top pics for Halloween Costumes hands down had got to be Joanne the Scammer and Harley Quinn.

If you haven’t heard of Joanne the Scammer, then you missing out on the best laughs ever (debatable….. no). Everyone wanted to live the Caucasian Lifestyle this Halloween and look fabulous doing so.

Harley Quinn had a major update in the Suicide Squad movie. Batman being one of my favorite superhero shows growing up, I had to put her in the mix. From the two toned wig right down to the slugger bat she cares around. My girls represented Harley Quinn well for the season.

Coincidental or not, my girl Teyana Taylor slayed both. She fully got in to character for both and brought her husband Iman Shumpert right along with her.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


No lie, I have to include Beyonce and her family because…..its Beyonce duh! Her whole family came to slay with first Beyonce, Jay and Blue Ivy dressing up as Barbie Doll and Ken Dolls.


FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Then, my edges were official snatched when Beyonce, Mama T and Blue Ivy dressed in 90’s wear as Salt –N- Pepa.


FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Halloween 2016 came and left with a big impression. Can’t wait to see the costumes for Halloween 2017.


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